Who Are We

RDC Corporate Pte Ltd (“RDC”) started in 2002 as Red Dot Consult Pte Ltd, a specialised corporate service, accountancy and taxation consultant for companies and individuals who wish to setup businesses or corporate structures in Singapore. It aims to serve as a gateway to Singapore, affectionately known as the little "red dot".

Over the years, RDC has expanded its services to include corporate consultancy, assurance service by an associate firm and setting up companies in other offshore jurisdictions through its professional network in Singapore and other jurisdictions. Working together with legal professionals, bankers, and investment advisors, we are able to provide solutions tailored to clients' specialised requirements.

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Why Singapore?

Simply put, Singapore is the best business environment in Asia. It is a top-class world city to work, live and play. The globally connected, multi-cultural and cosmopolitan city-state offers a conducive environment to tech start-ups, creative and knowledge-driven industries. Global businesses will find it advantageous to site their headquarters in Singapore. Strong trade and investment make Singapore the most competitive Asian country if not the world.

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